Why is Agriculture Important to Everyday Life? (8 Whys)

Why is agriculture important to everyday life

Being a mother or a father, can you imagine sending your child to school without feeding him/her the necessary breakfast?

It would be a very tiring day for your child, right?

Similarly, can you imagine a world without food?

There would be a massacre due to the food crisis.

So, what does this mean?

No matter who you are and what you want to achieve, FOOD influences your life one way or the other.

And AGRICULTURE is the sole element that ensures that the right food reaches your plates daily.

Take corn, for example. It is not only rich in Vitamin C and other beneficial minerals, but it also helps produce oil that is used as gasoline.

So, you see. Without agriculture and its breath-taking innovations, it would be nearly impossible to think of any of the dots that seem connected today.

And when we connect agriculture to its traditions, i.e., farming methods like sustainable and organic farming, the results turn out to be phenomenal.

Do you want to find out the exact answer to – “why is agriculture important in our daily lives?”

Then, let me walk you through some of the main reasons why agriculture is important to humans, to animals, to our economy, to the rest, and in our daily lives.

Why is Agriculture Important to Everyday Life?

1. One of the biggest employers in the world

Believe it or not, the agriculture sector is one of the oldest and fastest-growing sectors in the history of mankind with over 28% (around 1.3 billion people) engaging in it (source).

Crazy enough, the US alone served over 22.2 million jobs in agriculture in 2019 alone, as per the reports uncovered by the USDA.

The FAO confirms that even the rapidly developing countries like India are a place where over 70 percent of the rural population depends on agriculture as a primary source of their livelihood.

What do all of these data reveal?

Agriculture impacts the lives of countless people around the world in some way or the other.

It gives employment opportunities (part-time and full-time) to many.

2. Builds the world’s health and wealth.

FAO, in one of their studies, confirms that agriculture results in 39.4% of the world’s GDP (source).

That’s the insane amount of percentage.

Like this, agriculture is most prevalent as one of the major contributors to GDP in almost all countries.

Although farmers are not asked to pay taxes on their hard-earned income, the import and export of food make it a great revenue source for the nation.

While one country may be a major producer of certain products, another country may have a monopoly on some other food products.

Besides building the nation’s wealth, agriculture also helps build a healthy nation.

While most critics argue that comparing organic and conventional farming is a total waste of time, most of them also believe that the latter holds the ability to harm human life due to the extensive use of synthetic pesticides and other harmful practices.

It is out of the scope to discuss both methods individually in this article. However, you should know that both methods have their share of pros and cons.

Organic farming, on the one hand, is said to have environmental benefits, while conventional farming encourages the high yield part.

Eventually, agriculture helps you get fitter by following your desired diet.

Its health benefits and a variety of options are just too good. You get to eat and that’s amazing.

Learn to celebrate small wins.

3. Supplies food across the world

As discussed a lit bit about this earlier, agriculture made it possible to trade and supply food across the world.

No wonder why some places can grow only some types of foods.

Agriculture is naturally designed in such a way that your area’s food is automatically set to be true as per the climate and weather conditions.

Easy food supply across the world ensures that the food is reached safely and securely to the countries where it is needed the most.

Methods like sustainable agriculture, vertical farming, etc are also helping to solve the food crisis across the world by growing more in less space.

4. Can be made a profitable business

Luckily, science and advanced research has allowed agriculture, just like any other sector, to expand its wings towards countless opportunities.

Methods like organic farming are highly profitable as organic products are marked under the premium tag due to their environmental and health benefits.

Along with that, various methods such as hydroponic, vertical farming, etc are in great demand as they have the capability to grow a large amount of food in a much smaller land.

There is no excuse not to follow your heart and start farming today.

It has never been easier before to grow a successful agribusiness. Demand for food will keep increasing constantly to meet the further requirements of a growing population.

And we can also start to prepare for a day where everyone starts growing their own food on personal land.

Anything is possible.

5. Helps protect our diversity and environment

I admit that while not all farming methods are eco-friendly, there are countless methods (like organic farming) that are better for the environment in major cases.

Thanks to the scientific innovations and foundations of these methods.

Organic farming, in reality, enhances environmental conditions through a famous technique known as carbon sequestration.

The easiest explanation of the same can be – injecting the excess carbon from the atmosphere to the ground and thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

Also, relying on natural pesticides for all the farm activities reduce the pressure on the soil and therefore creates minimum waste.

6. Provides shelter to the wildlife

According to CIWF, around 70 billion animals are part of a farm every year for food purposes (i.e. cow for milk).

Besides providing food, there are many other insects that help in making farming easier.

Earthworms, for example, help in improving soil health by increasing soil fertility.

Along with that, beetles, wasps help in eliminating pests and diseases by acting as natural predators to the enemies.

In fact, wild animals like Lion and Leopard are often found temporarily residing in our farms by seeking the tall grown crops as shelter.

Agriculture, in short, also plays an important role in providing shelter to various animals, birds, and insects.

7. Agriculture improves air quality

It may be hard to imagine but agriculture also helps to solve one of the biggest problems faced by mankind – air pollution.

How, exactly?

Simply by practicing methods like cover cropping and using organic pesticides.

Both of these methods are widely influenced by and used in organic agriculture.

I feel that the agricultural sector has much more to fulfill to fully reduce the impact of air pollution.

This is because agriculture emits major air pollution in the form of ammonia and methane emitted from synthetic fertilizers and livestock (source).

Things can be improved.

8. Innovates the health sector

Can you imagine a world without medicines?

How would we cure ourselves of deadly diseases?

Thanks to agriculture we do not have to deal with that fatal situation.

Herbs like Garlic, Ginger, Holy Basil, Neem, and various others are used in preparing the medicines that then cure the diseases.

These crops grown for medicinal purposes are taken into the laboratories, refined, and then treated as a medicine to cure a certain or multiple types of ailments.

No wonder why Ayurvedic medicines perform miracles on the human body without any side effects.



This brings us to the end of this article.

Hopefully, you learned something new related to the importance of agriculture to everyday life.

If there is one thing that I would like you to take away from this article, it’s this line that I read in one of the articles.

This quote goes something like this – ‘The state of agriculture reflects our future.’

Do remember this sentence and your viewpoint on agriculture will never be the same again.

Now, I would like to hear from you.

Do you feel agriculture to be one of the most important elements of your life in some way or the other?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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