Hey there, I am Dhruvir Zala.

I founded Scale Farming to help farmers live the life they always wanted to live with the help of some amazing farming tips and strategies that we publish on this blog.

Dhruvir Zala

Here, you will find the latest articles on agriculture that will help you better understand the elements of farming and make more sense out of it.

To be exact, you can expect content on:

  • Types of farming methods.
  • What’s trending in agriculture sector right now.
  • Farming tools and technology for maximum efficiency.
  • Beneficial schemes and awareness for farmers.
  • And much more.

With Scale Farming, my main mission is to provide you with epic content on agriculture that you will not find anywhere else.

I want you to succeed as a farmer or at least keep yourself updated regarding what’s working on your farm and what’s not.

This is it for now.

Thank you and talk soon,

Dhruvir Zala.